Saturday, January 20, 2007

Venting anger

While i consider myself a rather mild tempered guy, nothing frustrates me more or brings out impatience in me more quickly, than having to sort things out over the telephone. i am generally pretty good about keeping my cool. it is seldom that i yell or direct my anger outwardly towards anyone. but theres something about having to resolve things over the phone, like for instance, correcting an overcharged bill, or trying to plead with the receptionist to squeeze me into a fully booked apointment schedule, that gets me agitated and often irrate. i become vulnerable to utilizing verbal abuse, and become too overtaken by passionate to proceed with reason.

She says let me transfer you to customer relations. he puts me on hold. he says let me transfer you to my supervisor. fine, defer your duties. share your responsibilities. make life easier for yourself and a bitch for me. make me explain to them my concerns again. and again. then reexplain for the third time, and if i'm lucky, i'm not thinking and swearing aloud by now, wtf, did i just get disconnected? so i redial, frustrated. gotta listen to that annoying fake female robotic voice drone on slowly again about transfer options like when to press one and rehear that para espanol, pressiones dos nonsense. and god forbid i have to verbally voice my selection into the recorder only to have to repeat myself again and again. i admit it, my tone of voice is low and deep. thats ok. i just have to try hard and hold the phone closely. apparently closer. and speak louder and more clearly, goddam it! enunciate. overly enunciate, if thats even possible to do. alas, thank god they finally understood me correctly that time, but now i have to verbally confirm that yes indeed, i did speak correctly. and all of that was just so i could get through, and speak with a real human, competent or helpful still no guarantee. so tell me, how does having to speak, respeak, and confirm that i spoke correctly. then reconfirm that i did confirm correctly, speed things up any? it fuckin doesn't. and it gets me mad before i even get the chance to talk.

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HerrSlam said...

T$!! Good shit - welcome to blogspot. Like what you got going on... and I too can relate to the phone deal. Though also a pacifist... it´s something about YOU being in the right, and yet having to take time out of YOUR day to explain to THEM that THEY fucked up. Nothing will rival the 3 hours, 3 different "customer service" representatives, 4 different supervisors, and multiple phone calls to disconnected aspects of the same operation (United can´t connect me to United Miles Plus).

Be well, big baller.