Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bottle feeding

I bottle-fed a newborn child yesterday. he was unaware of my holding him, but already had the rooting reflex to direct his tiny lips and mouth toward anything that was soft or protruding conveniently at mouth level. he began sucking the bottle forcefully, taking in every last ounce and drop of neonatal formula, reaping whatever he could from life, being only but a day old. it was quite an amazing and intimate thing to observe up close, and i would like to say that we shared a moment, a bond. but in truth, his behavior and actions were driven purely by newborn instincts, and anyone who had the gentleness and patience to nurture him could have served as an able surrogate. still, the child found calm and safety in my arms, and i too, must admit, that i found the experience to be quite soothing, albeit sprinkled with some apprehension that i was either cradling him too tightly or not tightly enough to prevent him from slipping through my arms.

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