Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Beautiful mystery of life

I helped deliver a baby last week. Brought new life into
the world. I was so pumped up for the next few days
afterwards. It was probably one of the coolest things
I've ever done. But to say it wasnt also one of the most
weird and out of the ordinary experiences of my life would
be a lie. I'm not sure anyone can ever be prepared for
such a moment, until you've taken part in one. Its definitely
joyous tear filled occasion. But its bloodier than you
think. And yes, they'll poop, the
mothers that is, amidst
all the hard work and glory.

Since returning from break, I have found myself plunged
deeply in the crevasses of Obstetrics and gynecology.
Admittedly, it has always been a mysterious world to
me/men, and while it may not be something we would like
to concede, this much is true. Coming into this rotation,
I knew next to nothing about pap smears, child birthing,
hysterectomies, and c-sections. Talk about feeling out
of place when patients see you wearing a white coat and
automatically confer upon you a wealth of knowledge and
trust, in a field I know next to nothing about. And while
I could probably tell you all the stages of the menstral
cycle in gory detail, like when the hormones should peak
and ebb, and when the endometrium will slough off and the
bleeding begins, how is that understanding supposed to
help me identify with the wrenching pain of menstral
cramps, the labor of delivery, and the anxiety of
expectant mothers? I'm not sure it can, but I'm gonna
try and find out and inch myself one step closer to
understanding this one mystery of life.

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